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5 Tips to Improve Your Dog’s Dental Health

5 Tips to Improve Your Dog’s Dental Health

Many dog owners overlook the significance of oral hygiene when it comes to keeping their pets healthy. Dental disease is one of the most frequently diagnosed health problems in dogs. The primary sign of early oral disease is bad breath, but the dental disease can also cause damage to major organs in the dog’s body such as the heart and kidneys.

This dog dental care information below will help you identify potential signs of dental disease and provide you with tips to prevent dental issues for your dog.

Breath Test

One of the easiest dental care tips to check for dog dental disease is to conduct a breath test. Your dog’s breath is usually the first indicator that your pup might be having oral problems. If your dog’s breath smells bad, it could be a sign that dog dental disease has begun to set in. A veterinarian can conduct a dental disease test and let you know if your dog’s breath is normal or not.

If you notice that your dog’s breath is not as fresh as it once was, or if their teeth or gums look red and swollen, you should immediately call your veterinarian. Your dog may be suffering from a form of dog dental disease and your dog’s dental care is imperative to their quality of life.

Dog Teeth Cleaning


Unlike humans, you don’t need to brush your dog’s teeth multiple times a day, but make sure to include brushing in your dog’s routine a few times per week. If you are not comfortable with brushing your pup’s teeth, your dog should visit a professional groomer.

Brushing your dog’s dog teeth will remove dog dental plaque, tartar buildup, and bacteria from between your dog’s dog teeth and gums. This dog dental care tip will help prevent the potential disease from occurring in the future, but if a dental issue does strike, dog tooth brushing might not be enough to remove dental plaque buildup.

Gum Check

Make sure to examine your dog’s gums once a month. A healthy dog’s gums should be pink and their teeth should be clean without tartar buildup. If you notice that your dog’s gums are white, red, or swollen, you should make an appointment with a veterinarian immediately.

Gum Check

Healthy Food / Treats

Make sure to provide your dog with plenty of healthy food and treats. If you are not sure what food is most beneficial for your dog, consult with your veterinarian. If you are giving your dog treats, make sure to do so in moderation. You can even stock up on special snacks to aid in the removal of bad breath and tartar build-up.

Regular Professional Teeth Cleanings

Taking preventative measures is the greatest method to keep your dog’s teeth clean. Make sure to bring your pup to the vet for yearly teeth cleanings. Your vet will give you more information about what they can offer your dog in terms of teeth cleanings.

It is also recommended to get your dog’s teeth cleaned each time they are groomed. We are open 7 days a week for grooming services including baths, haircuts, and teeth cleaning. Give us a call today at (413) 464-6384 to schedule a teeth cleaning appointment for your dog.

Disclaimer: The following article is not intended to replace the advice of a veterinarian. Please consult with your veterinarian before giving your dog any new foods, treats, or supplements.