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Dog Grooming Guide: Costs & What to Expect

Dog Grooming Guide: Costs & What to Expect

Is your dog looking a little shaggy? If so, it might be time to consider taking him or her in for professional grooming. There are many benefits to having a professional groom your dog, not only will they look great, but they will also have healthier skin and fur. This article will help you understand the costs of professional dog grooming, what’s included in the service, and when it’s necessary for your pup to be groomed by a certified groomer.

What’s included in dog grooming? 

That really depends on the type of dog you have and their particular needs. Some dogs may not need to have their fur trimmed, while other breeds might require a very particular cut, especially if they compete in dog shows. Professional groomers will be able to trim your dog’s fur and nails, as well as clean their ears. The following services are generally included in a full-service dog-grooming package:

  • Double bath (to ensure cleanliness)
  • Blow dry (to remove excess hair)
  • Nail trim
  • Pads of feet shaved
  • Ear cleaning 

Berkshire Dogs Unleashed is open seven days a week for grooming appointments. Whether you choose our basic groom package or the deluxe, your dog will be in excellent condition and looking better than ever. We even offer many add-on services like dying fur, painting nails, eye stain cleaning, flea/tick shampoo and much more.  

What's included in dog grooming?

When should your dog be groomed?      

It’s important to note that every breed of dog has different grooming needs. Some breeds, like Siberian Huskies and Poodles (for example), require professional grooming on a more frequent basis in order to look their best. While some breeds might not need to visit a groomer as often.     

In general, most dogs will need to visit a professional pet groomer at least once every six weeks in order to maintain healthy skin and keep them looking sharp. However, some breeds require more attention than others. 

For example, dogs with thicker coats might need to be groomed more often since mats can form very quickly and become difficult for owners to remove on their own. If your dog is constantly shedding then you should try brushing them daily or at least every other day in order to prevent fur build up. And, if your dog is older then they might need to be groomed more often as well.       

Is professional grooming expensive?  

The cost of dog grooming depends on several factors. For example, the size and type of breed will determine whether your dog requires a full-service groom or just a nail trim and bath. 

At Berkshire Dogs Unleashed we offer express baths starting at $45 and grooming packages starting at $55 depending on your dog’s breed and size..    

If you’re looking for high-end services like deluxe haircuts, spa packages and special occasion styling then expect to pay more. You can also add on additional services which will increase the cost of your dog’s grooming appointment. These might include painting nails, dying fur or teeth brushing!   

When should my dog get groomed?

Why should I bring my dog to a professional? 

Professional dog grooming is not only important for your pets health but it’s also necessary to maintain the lifespan of their fur. While some breeds might need more frequent visits, all dogs can benefit from regular professional brushing and washing. If you’re still on the fence about bringing your dog in for a full service then consider scheduling an appointment for a basic nail trimming and express bath.    

Depending on your dog’s breed and/or their temperament, some of these tasks can be hard to perform yourself. This is especially true if your dog has thick, curly fur that tends to mat easily. Or if you’re worried that your dog may not sit still long enough to allow you to safely clip their nails. In these cases, it’s safer and more comfortable (for you and your dog) if these tasks are handled by a professional dog groomer.

Have grooming questions?

If you have any questions or your dog is in need of grooming, contact Berkshire Dogs Unleashed today at (413) 464-6384. We are open seven days a week and can schedule an appointment that works best for you. Whether it’s basic or deluxe service, our staff will make sure your dog looks and feels great!