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How Often Should I Groom My Dog?

How Often Should I Groom My Dog?

Does your dog shed a lot? Are you tired of cleaning up piles of hair around the house? If so, professional grooming is the solution! Regularly scheduled visits to a groomer can help reduce shedding and alleviate allergies. Proper trimming can even help with common skin problems such as dandruff and dry skin patches. The following are a few of the factors that will help you decide how often your pet should be trimmed.

Age, Health, And Activity Level

How often your dog requires grooming can depend on his or her age, health, and activity level. Puppies usually need to be groomed more than adult dogs because they are still growing their coats. Older dogs that have a lot of health issues may require less grooming.

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Hair Length, Allergies, And Skin Conditions

The hair length of your dog can also determine how often he or she should be trimmed. Dogs with long hair typically require less trimming because their coats grow at a slower rate. Short-haired breeds usually shed more throughout the year, which means they will also need to visit a dog spa more frequently.

Frequent grooming is also needed if your dog has allergies or skin conditions such as dry, flaky, and itchy patches of skin. Dogs with these types of issues will require more frequent haircuts because removing the loose hair can help prevent further problems from occurring. Long-haired breeds are especially vulnerable to common health conditions like yeast infections.

Hair Style

The hairstyle and type of your dog’s coat can also affect how often they should be groomed. Dogs who have fur that is long, curly, or wavy will need to visit a kennel more regularly because mats are harder to brush out when their coats grow longer. Longer-haired breeds with big floppy ears are also more likely to develop serious ear infections that will require frequent haircuts.

Regular grooming is extremely beneficial for your dog’s skin, teeth, and overall health. While there are no specific guidelines that will work for every pet owner, the general rule of thumb is to have your pooch trimmed once a month if they have longer hair or a less active lifestyle. Schedule an appointment with one of our professional groomers today!

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If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to acquiring a beautiful dog coat! Keeping all of these things in mind, a professional dog groomer can help create a tailored plan for your beloved pet. Call to schedule an appointment with the team today at (413) 464-6384 or stop by our location in Lenox, MA!