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Lenox Dog Grooming Services

At Berkshire Dogs Unleashed our grooming team is equipped to handle any type of grooming service, basic bath to full groom, or show coat maintenance. We strive to offer the highest quality dog grooming services in Berkshire County. We groom all dog breeds and coat types, from Poodles to Newfoundland’s. Offering full-service grooming with the highest quality products, you are guaranteed to see a difference in your dog’s coat health.

With our walk-in tub and mechanical grooming tables, we can groom dogs of any size safely. Our trained groomers will tailor services to your dog’s breed, size, and individual grooming needs; all with your pet’s safety and well-being as first priority. We know you love your dog and we’ll do everything we can to offer the best dog grooming services in Lenox and the surrounding areas. Whatever the breed and size, your pup will leave BDU looking and feeling better than ever!

Individualized Care
Individualized Care

We will give your pet the special attention they deserve!

Fun Amenities
Addon Services

We offer addon services like teeth brushing, nail painting and more.

Caring Staff
Caring Staff

We love every pet, so your dog feels relaxed and stress free.

Available 7 Days a Week!

Our basic grooming package includes a double bath (to ensure cleanliness), blow dry, ear cleaning, pad shaving, and nail trim. We also offer a Deluxe Groom package that includes a coat conditioner (to elevate dry skin) and a blueberry facial (to exfoliate and rejuvenate face, ears, and neck). You can also request breed-specific scissor trims to your desired length. 

All of our groomers have years of experience and we guarantee that your dog will look great when they leave our shop!

If you want your pet to be pampered by professionals who know what they’re doing then look no further than Berkshire Dogs Unleashed. Whether you have a small or large breed we promise that every customer is treated like family here at BDU.

Basic Groom

  • Double bath (to ensure cleanliness)
  • Blow dry (to remove excess hair)
  • Nail trim
  • Pads of feet shaved
  • Ear cleaning

Deluxe Groom

Everything in the Basic Groom +
  • Coat conditioner (to elevate dry skin)
  • Blueberry Facial (to exfoliate and rejuvenate face, ears and neck)
  • Breed specific scissor trim to owners desired length (hand scissor)

Express Bath

  • Bath
  • Blow dry (to remove excess hair)
  • Nail trim
  • Ear cleaning

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As a family-owned business, we’ll treat your pet like one of our own by providing them with the same love, care and attention you would.